poppy lyn
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"Corey is a talented style evaluator, wardrobe creator, color consultant, and personal shopper, but her impact goes much deeper. In addition to her exquisite taste and eye for beauty, she listens to your likes, values, & interests in ways that help you express your unique self. She also listens to how you may be limiting yourself and provides a positive mental mirror to look at yourself in that encourages and empowers you. Poppy Lyn is founded not only on Corey's expertise and knowledge, but more importantly, on her heart and soul."

— jan, Psychiatrist, OR


"After my consultation and shopping experience with Corey I told my husband that our day was a day like I have never experienced! It was better than Christmas, and he can't wait to meet with Corey too!"

— jOdi, Software executive, CA


"Working with Corey was such an enjoyable experience. Her unique approach made me feel totally at ease and taught me so much in the process. She took pieces from my current wardrobe to work with and taught me how to take it up a notch. I loved the way she embraced my own style while encouraging me to try things I never would have considered on my own. She certainly has a gift for bringing together unique & beautiful pieces to create extraordinary & one-of-a-kind looks.”

— ashley, childcare provider, OR

"I used to agonize over my morning routine, now I can walk into my closet knowing it is simplified, and everything in it makes me feel confident, comfortable, & happy. Corey knows how to draw attention to the unique beauty in each of her clients, and is just as interested in the inner beauty & highlights the whole person. She has helped me love my body at any size & shape. I've stopped hiding in my clothes!"

— sarah m, stay at home mom, or


"Before I worked with Corey, my closet was filled with clothes I rarely wore, I had zero confidence in my shopping capabilities, and no sense of style. She taught me what styles and colors are good for me, helped me shop, and now my closet is filled with numerous options for any occasion. I have a new confidence in my appearance, my stress is reduced, and I actually feel younger again!"

— Steve, project manager, CA


“Corey has an amazing talent of putting things together & quickly deciding which styles & colors are best for me. When I try to shop on my own I might find a shirt here or pant there but she pulls together complete outfits that I wouldn't have even known to try on,. She helped me trim down my closet so that everything fits me best & helps find whats missing. She stretches me out of my comfort zone so I try new things and feel more stylish and put together. She makes it fun and takes the 'work' out of finding the right pieces that look good & also feel good."

— Sarah c, stay at home mom, or